10 Best Free Grammarly Alternatives

Best Free Grammarly Alternatives

Looking for the best free grammar checker? Check out our list of the 10 best free Grammarly alternatives. Most of these grammar checkers are more affordable, offer more features, and are just as effective at catching errors and improving your writing.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

The Ultimate List of Best Free Grammarly Alternatives

  1. LanguageTool
  2. Writer
  3. Linguix
  4. ProWritingAid
  5. Reverso
  6. Ginger
  7. Sapling
  8. Outwrite
  9. Quill Bot
  10. SentenceCheckUp

While Grammarly is one of the most popular and well-known grammar-checking tools available, it’s not the only option out there. There are plenty of other great free grammar checkers that can help you improve your writing. In this article, we’ll ‌ look at 10 of the best free Grammarly alternatives.

Whether you’re looking for a free Grammarly alternative or to try something different, these grammar checkers are worth checking out.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a free grammar checker that can be used as a plugin for various browsers and programs or accessed online. It provides users with real-time feedback on their writing, catches grammar and spelling errors, and makes suggestions for improving clarity and style. It also has a paid version with more features.

Why Look for a Grammarly Alternative?

There are several reasons you might look for a grammar checker other than Grammarly. Perhaps you find the interface confusing or hard to use. Maybe you’re not happy with the accuracy of Grammarly’s suggestions. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a free or less expensive alternative that offers more features.

Grammarly is not the cheapest in the market. There are several other grammar and style checker programs that perform the same function as Grammarly but are less expensive or free. Some of them have even more functionality than Grammarly, such as support for languages other than English.

Best Free Grammarly Alternatives

1. LanguageTool


LanguageTool is one of the best free alternatives to Grammarly. It is an open-source grammar checker that supports many languages and their dialects, including English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The tool highlights mistakes in different colors, depending on how severe the error is. The free version offers basic grammar and style checks for up to 10,000 characters.

Just like Grammarly, it also gives advanced style and clarity suggestions in its paid version. It also has free browser add-ons for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Currently, LanguageTool is offering exceptional discounts on its paid versions. Perhaps it is one of the cheapest proofreading tools on the market.

Features of LanguageTool

  • Grammar and style check for over 25 languages and their dialects
  • Suggest synonyms when you highlight a word by double-clicking it
  • Online grammar check tool with real-time feedback
  • Desktop apps for Mac and Windows and mobile apps for iOS
  • Plugin for LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs, or accessed online
  • Email add-ons for Gmail and Thunderbird
  • Detect incorrect numbers, e.g. ISBN, IBAN, etc


  • Free version 
  • Premium Version – $2.50/month
  • For Teams – $4.74/month

2. Writer


If you want a powerful and comprehensive grammar checker, Writer is definitely worth checking out. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant tool packed with features to help improve your writing. The free version includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, and autocorrect functions. Paid plans offer more advanced functions including suggestions for improving clarity and style, inclusivity, and plagiarism. 

Writer is an excellent choice for teams who want a grammar checker with advanced features and functionality along with collaboration tools. It is perfect for writers of all levels, from beginners who need help catching mistakes to more experienced writers who want to polish their work.

Features of Writer

  • A comprehensive grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker with an autocorrect function
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Readability score from grade 1 to grade 10
  • Suggestions for improving clarity and style
  • Collaboration tools for teams including, document sharing, co-editing, and team snippets
  • Integrations with Chrome, Google Docs, Word, Outlook, and Figma
  • Set your own writing style guide and rules


  • Free version
  • Pro version – $11/month
  • Team – $18/month/user
  • Enterprise – Contact sales to get the quote

3. Linguix

Linguix Free Writing Assistant

Linguix is a high-quality grammar checker that offers a broad set of features to help you enhance your writing. The free version includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, as well as the autocorrect function. Linguix ‌boosts your marketing messages, emails, and other types of content in a matter of seconds.

Paid plans offer more advanced functions, including suggestions for improving clarity and style, paraphrasing, style guides, and team management tools.

Key Features of Linguix

  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and autocorrect features
  • Style and clarity check
  • Rewriting/paraphrasing tools
  • Suggest synonyms for using better words
  • Document sharing with the team
  • Integrate with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, MS Word, and Outlook
  • Desktop apps for Windows and Mac


  • Free version
  • Pro version – $4/month
  • Team – Contact the support to get the price

4. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid Writing Assistant

When it comes to the best free Grammarly alternatives, ProWritingAid should not be missed. This powerful AI writing tool is more than just a grammar checker. Not only can it correct your grammar and spelling, but it can also help you improve your writing style, catch errors, and spot plagiarism. Plus, it also comes with a handy report that shows you your progress‌.

Whether you are an author, blogger, content writer, academic writer, business writer, or student, ProWritingAid can help you take your writing to the next level. You may use the free version with restricted features if you install its Chrome add-on. 

Features of ProWritingAid

  • Unique style and consistency analysis that most grammar checkers lack
  • Plagiarism check.
  • Identify cliches, redundancy, overused words, and phrases, and suggest proper sentence length.
  • Detailed readability statistics including Flesch Reading score
  • Suggest transition, power, and emotion words for fiction writing 
  • Suggest synonyms
  • Integration with MS Word, OpenOffice, Scrivener, Google Docs, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Gmail, and desktop apps for Windows and Mac.


  • Free version
  • Premium version – $79/month
  • Premium+ version – $89/month
  • Lifetime License –  $399 one time payment

5. Reverso


Reverso is another Grammarly alternative that offers a wide range of features to help you improve your writing. It includes a spell checker, a grammar checker, a re-phraser, and even a dictionary to help you with your writing. Reverso also has a handy “translate” feature that can help you communicate with people who speak other languages. Best of all, the grammar and translation features are free to use.

The paid version has a style and clarity feature, but it is not as comprehensive as Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and LanguageTool. You can only use Reverso online as there is no desktop app. Also, it does not have any integration with browsers or document editors. Overall, it is a suitable alternative to Grammarly.

Features of Reverso

  • Free grammar checker, dictionary, and rephrasing tool for English and French languages
  • The translation feature is available for 18 languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Ukrainian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, etc.
  • Shorten long sentences and improve sentence structure
  • Not only highlight the mistakes but also explain them in detail
  • Synonym suggestions to avoid a repetition of words


  • Free version
  • Premium version – 3.24 Eur/month (Annual plan), 6.49 Eur/month (Monthly plan)

6. Ginger

Free Grammar Checker Online Ginger Software

Ginger is a free grammar-checking program that can be used as an alternative to Grammarly. Although not as accurate and thorough as Grammarly, Ginger provides many of the same features as Grammarly, including grammar and spell checking and punctuation correction. Just like Reverso, it also has a translation tool.

It works with a variety of programs including Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Outlook, and there are applications available for Windows, iOS, and Android. One downside is that the Chrome browser extension does not work on Google Docs. The free version has limited grammar checking and rephrasing functionality.

Features of Ginger

  • The grammar checking includes subject-verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, consecutive nouns, and wrong word usage correction. 
  • Ginger can also ‌translate text into over 40 different languages. 
  • You can double-click the words to get their meaning and definition.
  • An essay checker for academic writers


  • Free version
  • Premium version – $13.99/month (monthly plan), $11.19/month (Quarterly plan), $7.49/month (Annual plan)

7. Sapling


Sapling is a great free AI grammar checker that can be used as an alternative to Grammarly. Sapling is known for its excellent accuracy and its ability to catch errors that other grammar checkers might miss. The official website claims to be even more accurate than Grammarly. It also provides a wide range of features, including grammar checking, spell checking, punctuation correction, and more. 

Sapling is a multilingual grammar and spell checker and offers functionality in 8 languages including English, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese. Moreover, Sapling is used by many websites in their CRMs and chat message support to keep their customer communication error-free.

Sapling incorporates multiple helpdesk solutions such as Zendesk, Intercom, LiveChat and Freshdesk, as well as sales and marketing tools such as SalesLoft, Pipedrive, HubSpot and Groove.

Features of Sapling

  • Offers over 25 rules for grammar checking including tenses, articles, prepositions, etc 
  • Online word counter
  • Check writing style, conciseness, and fluency
  • Autocomplete suggestions
  • Integration with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Brave browsers. Free Plugins for Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Word, Quip, Confluence, and Paper


  • Free version
  • Pro version – $25/month
  • Enterprise – Contact support to get the price

8. Outwrite

Outwrite Tool

Outwrite is another alternative to Grammarly that helps with grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. Outwrite has a thesaurus and a dictionary to help with word choice. This tool is great for students, writers, and anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. 

Just like ProWritingAid, it is more focused on style, clarity and sentence structure issues. Writing stats and goal-setting are also available, which can be very motivating for some people. You can use Outwrite’s add-ons for browsers and text editors for free with limited features.

Features of Outwrite

  • A broad range of writing suggestions regarding sentence structure, conciseness, and style
  • Provide detailed writing statistics including readability scores and grade levels
  • Provide proofreading services for English, French, and Spanish languages
  • Rewriting tool to remove plagiarism
  • Can easily integrate with Chrome, Edge, Google Docs, MS Word, Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and WordPress


  • Free version – Only add-ons
  • Pro version – $9.95/month
  • Teams version – $7.95/user/month

9. Quill Bot

QuillBot AI

Quill Bot is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a tool to help you improve your writing. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to ensure their writing is error-free. Quill Bot is an interesting AI tool with many functions, including paraphrase, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, style checker, summarizer, and citation generator. The free version can only be used for 125 words per text. It is an excellent alternative to Grammarly at a cheaper price. 

If you are looking for alternatives to QuillBot. Check out this ultimate list: 10 Best QuillBot Alternatives

Features of Quill Bot

  • State-of-the-art AI paraphrasing tool
  • Vocabulary improvement and synonyms suggestions
  • Summarize essays, research papers, articles, and other long-form texts
  • Integrate with Chrome and MS Word


  • Free version
  • Premium version – $4.17/month (Annual plan), $6.66/month (Semi-Annual plan), $9.95/month (Monthly plan)

10. SentenceCheckUp

Sentence Checkup FreeSentence Checking Online Editor

If you can’t afford to buy even the cheapest proofreading tool from the above list, here is the solution for you. SentenceCheckUp is a completely free online grammar checker that proofreads your text for a variety of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Simply paste your text into the app and click the “Check” button. 

Although it is free, the accuracy of catching the mistakes is impressive.

Features of SentenceCheckUp

  • It is completely free.
  • Apart from grammar and spelling, it also checks sentence structure and makes them easy to read.
  • It also has a poetry checker, a paragraph checker, and a thesis checker tool.
  • The “Deep Check” option analyzes the text thoroughly and detects even more errors.


  • Free. There is no paid version

Which is the Best Free Grammar Checker?

It’s tough to choose one Grammarly replacement since your writing requirements will determine which one is best.

If you are looking for a cost-free Grammarly alternative, SentenceCheckUp should be the choice.

If you want some advanced grammar checker tool that is more affordable than Grammarly, then LanguageTool and Linguix are the best alternatives to Grammarly.

If you focus more on writing style, sentence structure, clarity, and professional writing, ‌go for ProWritingAid or Writer.

Want to read more? How about the Best Speedwrite Alternatives and Best Paraphrasing Tools for Quality Content.

Best Free Grammarly Alternatives FAQ

Which is better? Grammarly or LanguageTool?

Both tools offer almost the same features. However, If you want a tool that offers proofreading services in different languages and is more affordable, LanguageTool is a great option. 

How do grammar checker tools use AI to detect grammatical errors?

Most grammar checker tools use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect errors. It is a branch of AI that deals with human-computer interaction. NLP algorithms are used to analyze the text and find the errors. After that, suggestions are provided to fix those errors.

What are the benefits of using a grammar checker tool?

The major benefit of using a grammar checker tool is that it helps you to improve your writing skills and saves a lot of time. If you proofread your text manually, it will take a lot of time. By using a grammar checker tool, you can identify your mistakes and learn from them. As a result, you will become a better writer. But keep in mind that grammar checker tools are not 100% accurate. So you may need to go through the article by yourself.

Can grammar checker tools be as accurate as humans?

No, grammar checker tools are not as accurate as humans, and they can never be. But they are getting better day by day with the help of AI.

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