How to Enable Mobile Only Theme in WordPress?

Trying to access a normal website from your mobile phone can come up with a variety of challenges. The pages may cramp and the website may not appear properly on the mobile phone. This happens as such websites are not loaded with the mobile theme. Once this will be added, a website can appear in a mobile phone properly. And this is also important. Why?

These days, most of the people prefer to access websites on their mobile phone. This is what they can do on the go. If you have a WordPress blog, then you should make it more accessible while assigning a mobile theme for it.

In this way, you can enhance your chances to receive more number of visitors. As per the statistics accessing websites through mobile phones has become a trend now and its increasing exponentially. Even the experts have mentioned that the Future is Mobile. So, the time has come for you to make your blog ready for the mobile access.

Now you can make your blog ready for the mobile in just one minute. And this one minute will make the blog prepare enough for future. In this way, you can even attract a different and new market and your visitors will be the mobile phone users.

Well, the plugin like WP Mobile Detector can really make it happen for you. This plugin can be availed for free. You can install this just like other plugins for the WordPress. This plugin comes with 7 different mobile themes. All you need to enable this plugin while selecting one mobile theme and the task is complete. If you are using cache plugin, then you should enable the Mobile Support.
Once this plugin will be assigned for your blog, things will become easier for the mobile phone users to access your site directly from their mobile devices.

Once someone will access the webpage, this plugin will easily detect those who use the mobile phone and it will use the mobile theme to display the blog clearly. At present, this plugin can detect more than five-thousand mobile devices and it can even differentiate between the advanced and basic mobile phones.
The mobile themes are located in the sub-directory of this plugin. And due to this reason, they never interfere with the main theme of the blog. You can also edit the .css and .php files of these mobile themes.

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