Introducing ThemeMunk

Hello World!

My name is Mohammad Tajim and after years and years of making WordPress theme I have finally decided to start a Theme Company. A bit late to start it but nonetheless its a start.

I have been using WordPress since it was something around v. 1.5 and started making custom WordPress Themes for clients somewhere around 2008. I had the idea of starting a theme company since then but due to over involvement in client work and lack of motivation I never was able to start my own theme company. Well, I have finally done it.

Over at ThemeMunk, I code all the themes plus run the business and the designs are produced by fine folks of Check them out.

We are starting ThemeMunk with 3 Free WordPress themes namely, FolioMunk, CorporateMunk and BusinessMunk. They are free to download and come with extensive features.

Besides these 3 themes, we have more themes in pipeline and will be launching them very soon.

Watch out this space for more.

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