Simple to use WordPress Theme Option Library: Cheezcap

If you are a wordpress theme developer then you must have had problem creating one thing almost every time and that is Theme Option Panel, Well, i had that problem, i am not a hardcore PHP programmer so most of the times i have to resort to hacking some open source theme, get its theme option and use it in my blog. But yesterday i found a solution to that problem.

Cheezeburger Network, yes the guys who run awesomely funny sites like icanhascheezburger and failblog have released the code of the theme option panel that run behind their sites and guess whats its called: “CheezCap” and yes its Open Source.

I haven’t had chance to test it deeply but i just used it on default Twenty-ten theme and it seriously looks good to me.

Here’s how you use it:

  • Copy the CheezCap folder into your theme directory
  • Add the follwowing line to functions.php (if you don’t have a functions.php, create one in your theme directory).
  • Edit cheezcap/config.php
  • Sprinkle theme options around your code, like this:
    if ($cap->my_boolean_option) {
    		// do stuff

Go ahead download the code and have fun with it.

Download Cheezcap

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