50+ Funny Zoom Backgrounds

Funny Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom meetings are a great way to stay connected with co-workers and clients. But is there anything more frustrating than being in a meeting where people put up boring, solid-color backgrounds? 

Probably not. 

So, do you want to show off your cool background in a boring Zoom meeting?

Luckily, there are some hilarious and engaging virtual backgrounds out there that we can use to make our meetings more fun and exciting.  

So, if you’re looking for a new background to liven up your next meeting or just want to get some laughs, we’ve got you covered.  

Without further ado, here are 50+ funny Zoom backgrounds for your enjoyment! 

Let’s explore! 

How to Add Your Own Zoom Background

If you want to add a little personality to your next Zoom meeting, why not try changing your background?  

It’s a fun and easy way to add some flair to your video calls and can be a great conversation starter. Here’s how to change your Zoom background in just a few simple steps:

  1. First, launch the Zoom app and log in.
  2. Then click on the “Settings” option on the left-hand side of the main screen.
  3. After that, go to the “Virtual Background” tab and select “+” to add the image of your choice.
  4. After choosing a background, click “Apply” and “OK.”
  5. Congratulations! You’re done! Your new background will now be visible during your next Zoom session. Also, remember that you should always choose high-resolution images.

Have fun experimenting with different funny backgrounds, and be sure to Zoom in and out to get the perfect fit. Happy Zooming! 

Best Funny Zoom Backgrounds

Imagine being stuck in a room with a bunch of people, and everyone is staring at the same screen while someone drones on and on. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn that boring meeting into a hilarious one with the correct Zoom background? 

Let’s explore some funny and cool Zoom backgrounds so you can be the star of the next meeting. 

You may also use these funny backgrounds as office Zoom backgrounds if you want to ease your work stress.

1. Monica’s Apartment


If you are a Friends fan, you know how much fun you will have by putting Monica’s apartment as your Zoom background. So why not use this for those meetings where you want to hang out with your friends. 

So, next time you are bored, gather a group of friends and chit-chat at Monica’s.

Download Link (Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet) 

2. The Office


This funny Zoom background is perfect for those working from home but missing the office. You can now be in the office even if you’re not there.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

3. The Confused Lady

3. confused lady

This background is perfect for you if you are one of those people who are almost always confused about what people are talking about. Use this background in your next meeting and have a laugh with your co-workers.

Download Link (Source: Pixabay).

4. The Beach

4. the beach

This funny Zoom background is perfect for escaping your busy life. When you join the meeting, act like you’re relaxing and having a great beach time. Put on sunglasses, sit back in your chair, and take a sip of your drink. 

Whether you’re working from home or just taking a break from reality, this background will give you a beach vibe.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

5. The Stop Watch

5. the stop watch

Are you stuck on a Zoom call and want to remind the speaker to end it? Why not experiment with a stopwatch background? This background is ideal for adding urgency to the proceedings in a fun way without having to speak.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

6. The Funny Faces

6. the funny faces

This funny Zoom background is perfect for when you want to have some fun. With this background, you can make all sorts of funny faces and expressions to lighten the work stress. 

Download Link (Source: Pixabay)

7. Everything Is on Fire

7. everythingis on fire

Show up to a stressful meeting and emerge from the flames. This demonstrates your commitment to work and brightens everyone’s day with a few laughs.

Download Link (Source: Pixabay)

8. The Airplane 

8. The Airplane

Be prepared to answer “Where you are going” without bursting into laughter. How funny would it be to see your co-workers puzzled about you attending a Zoom call from an airplane? So, have some fun confusing your friends and colleagues for a moment with this fun background. 

Download Link (Source: Pexels)

9. The Central Perk

9. The central perk

Attend your next Zoom meeting from the world’s most famous coffee shop, “Central Perk.” And when you get the chance, don’t forget to say, “Gunther, I need a cappuccino and some cookies.” 

Double-check if it’s Rachel bringing your order.

Download Link  (Source: Unsplash)

10. The Distracted Boyfriend

10. distracted boyfriend

Everyone has seen this meme over a hundred times and still can’t help but laugh. 

Hence, let everyone chuckle while this guy checks you out in front of his girlfriend.

Download Link (Source: Imgur)

11. The Movie Theater

11. the movie theater

Annoy your colleagues by attending the meeting at a movie theater. Make sure you grab some popcorn.

However, tell them that it’s just a funny Zoom background before getting into trouble.

Download Link (Source: Pexels)

12. The Toilet

12. toilet

This one is great for shocking your co-workers by pretending to be in the bathroom. See how long it takes for them to figure out that it’s your Zoom background. Until then, have fun watching your friends freak out.

 Also, don’t forget to record their reactions so you can laugh about it later.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

13. The Breaking News

13. breaking news

This one is perfect when you want to feel like you are the newsreader while giving your presentation. Just make sure that you have your camera on so everyone can see you.

Download Link (Source: Pixabay)

14. The Birthday

14. happy birthday

I’s your birthday, and you want everyone to know without actually telling them. In that case, show up in the meeting with this impressive background and wait for people to start wishing you a happy birthday.

You may also use this background when it’s your co-worker’s birthday, and you want to wish them a happy birthday in a unique way. 

Download Link (Source: Pexels)

15. The Mugshot

15. mugshot

Do you ever wonder how criminals feel when someone is taking their mugshot? Try it out yourself with this background. 

Also, do you and your colleagues secretly presume that your boss is the jailer? If so, try using this background the next time you have a Zoom meeting with your boss and see how hard it is for your friends to control their laughter.

Download Link (Source: Vectorstock)

16. I am Watching You

16. im-watching-u

Are you hosting the Zoom meeting this time and concerned that attendees won’t pay attention? Use this background to your advantage and watch how it draws everyone’s attention to you.

Every time they are distracted, they will see your “I am Watching You” background and their focus will return to you.

Download Link (Source: Pixabay)

17. The Art Gallery

17. art gallery

For the cultured among us, nothing is more frustrating than staring at a blank wall during a Zoom call. But with this funny Zoom background, you can turn that blank wall into a world-renowned art gallery. 

Just add some famous paintings and sculptures, and you’ll have your colleagues fooled in no time.

Download Link  (Source: Pexels)

18. The Bingo Board


This one is perfect for those who love playing bingo or are just looking for a fun way to liven up their next meeting. With this background, you can play a game of bingo with your colleagues or even have a virtual happy hour where everyone gets a drink and plays along. 

However, do not ‘play’ during a professional meeting.

Download Link (Source: Tim’s Printables)

19. The Mount Everest

19. mt everest

If you have an adventurous streak, attend the next Zoom call from the top of the world. It will make everyone feel like they are about to embark on a fantastic journey, even if it is just a meeting.

Download Link (Source: Pixabay).

20. The Fairy Wings

20. the fairy wings

This one is perfect for all of you who want to show your inner child during your next meeting. It will definitely make everyone smile, even if the discussion gets a little heated.

Download Link (Source: Canva)

21. Under the Water

21. under the water

Having to work on a hot sunny day can be frustrating. But what if you could work while swimming? Though you cannot actually go swimming, give your colleagues a glimpse of what it’s like to work from underneath the water.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

22. The Idea Bulb

22. the idea bulb

This background is perfect for those who want to show they are full of bright ideas. It is great to present your idea with some lighthearted fun to an otherwise dull meeting.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

23. The Picnic 

23. the picnic

This is an excellent Zoom background if you are in a Zoom meeting with your friends that are miles away. Though you cannot go on an actual picnic with them, you can have one virtually.     

Additionally, you might use this setting at a formal meeting with your co-workers to remind them that you need to go on a fun office outing.

Download Link  (Source: Burst)

24. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

24. the ellen show

How much do you enjoy the Ellen show? Imagine you are invited as a guest on the show, and you are sitting right by Ellen and answering her questions. 

Now, stop imagining because that’s not going to happen. However, you can feel that way by using this background.

Download Link (Source: Getty Image)

25. The Game of Thrones

25. game of thrones

Who doesn’t love “Game of Thrones”? So how would you feel if you were given the opportunity to sit on this throne of powerful swords? 

With this background, you can transport yourself to the world of Westeros and be the lord or lady of your own castle. Just make sure you keep an eye out for dragons!

Download Link ( Source: The New York Times)

26. The U.S. White House Office

26. the u.s white house office

Mr. President must be away from his office now, so hop right in. This is your chance to attend a Zoom call from the White House.

At least for one meeting, you can feel like the president of the United States.

Download Link (Source: Atlas Obscura)

27. The Dancing Homer Simpson

27. the Dancing Homer simpson

This background is perfect for any fan of The Simpsons. With this one, you can be in the iconic living room of the Simpson family. Just ask Homer to clean up before Marge comes home.

Download Link (Source: Business Insurance)

28. The Moon

28. the moon

How cool would it be to attend a meeting on the moon? Give your friends a good laugh by showing up all the way from the moon.

Download Link (Source: Pexels)

29. Krusty Krabs 

29. krusty krabs

If you love SpongeBob SquarePants, then this background is for you. With this one, you can be at the Krusty Krab restaurant. Just make sure to taste SpongeBob’s iconic Krabby Patty. 

Good luck with Squidward, by the way.

Download Link (Bottle Burglars)

30. Prison 

30. prison

Are you frustrated because you have a work meeting this weekend? Pretend you are in prison and make your colleagues laugh with this Zoom background. 

However, make sure you don’t break out of this meeting!

Download Link (Source: Pixabay)

31. The Jumanji 2 Cast

31. the jumangi 2 cast

Did you watch Jumanji 2? What an adventurous movie, right? So on your next virtual meeting, be one of the Jumanji cast and see your fellow Zoomers burst into laughter.

Download Link  (Source: The New York Times)

32. The Minion 

32. the minion

Bello! We have brought you the perfect Zoom background for all you Minion fans out there. 

With this background, you can have a Minion by your side to help you with everything or, more precisely, make you laugh.

This will make everyone smile. Who could resist grinning when they see this adorable little Minion? 

Download Link  (Source: Unsplash)

33. Drake No Meme

33. drake no meme

This one is definitely the savage one. This meme background is used when someone says something that isn’t true. So if you want to call out your friends or colleagues on their lies, this is the perfect background for you.

Download Link (Source: Metro Times)

34. Confused Lady Meme

34. confused lady meme

Meetings can be confusing, especially when they are online. So, the next time you have a virtual meeting, show up with this confused lady meme. We are confident that everyone will appreciate you because your background is something to which everyone can relate.

Download Link (Source: twimg)

35. The Gift-Wrapping 

35. the gift wrapping

Having to work during festival season and, on top of that, you have a meeting? We have a way for you to escape.  

Use this background and tell the organizer that while the gift box in the background may be for them, this year, they will instead receive an unwrapped gift as you have a lot of gifts to wrap. 

So, if you are lucky, the organizer might end the meeting earlier than scheduled.

Download Link

36. The Inside Out Headquarters 

36. the inside out headquarter

You may experience a range of emotions during meetings, especially in virtual meetings, which can sometimes be stressful.

So join the next Zoom call right from Inside Out’s headquarters to know how your co-workers are feeling. And when a negative possibility is seen, unlock everyone’s funny core memory to make them laugh.

Download Link (Source: Room for Zoom)

37. The Big Bang Theory 

37. big bang theory

Show up in your virtual meeting with two of the world’s most brilliant nerds, Sheldon and Amy. Who knows, they might help you when your boss asks you a question.

However, be sure that you are not seated in Sheldon’s spot.

Download Link (Source: TV Guide)

38. Totoro

38. totoro

If you are a Studio Ghibli fan, then you must definitely watch “My Neighbor Totoro.” 

One of the most popular and lovable characters from Studio Ghibli, Totoro makes an excellent Zoom background that will brighten everyone’s mood.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

39. Groot


One of the most popular characters from Marvel, Groot, is perfect for when you want to show your colleagues that you’re a fun and friendly person.

Make sure to say “I am Groot” when someone tries to talk to you. This way, you can get away with unnecessary talking in the meeting.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

40. The Crowd

40. the crowd

Leave your camera off and let your friends look for you. After that, start the camera, pose, and then, suddenly, be one with the cheering crowd. This background would be ideal for pulling a practical joke on your friends and making them laugh. 

Do take a video of their response as they look for you.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

41. Coffee Time 

41. coffee time

Are you exhausted from the long meeting and need a break? This Zoom background is perfect when you want to remind the speaker about a little break without actually interrupting them. 

In fact, it may put a smile on everyone’s face.

Download Link (Source: Pexels)

42. The Expression Guy

42. the expression guy

Imagine being in a Zoom meeting and someone’s profile has this. Even thinking about it is funny. So try this Comic Zoom background out. 

Do turn off your camera while using this, and make your fellow Zoomers feel like someone is in shock.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

43. Shhh

43. sshhh

So, are you hosting the next virtual meeting where you need to talk about some important points?

Then this is the perfect background. With this background, you can let everyone know they need to be quiet and focused. 

Isn’t it cool? 

Download Link (Source: iStock)

44. A Puppy 

44. A Puppy

This background is perfect for when you want to add a little bit of fun to the meeting. It’s also great when you’re feeling a bit stressed and just need a good laugh! So bring your furry friend to your next appointment and have everyone go “Awwww.”

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

45. The Fake Work Space

45. the fake work space

Trick your colleagues with this background. Make them believe you are all tip-top and fresh for the meeting, while in reality, you just woke up, yawned, and opened your computer.

Beware that you don’t turn your back camera on, or else you might be in trouble. 

Download Link (Source:  Unsplash)

46. The Outer Space

46. outer space

Tired of constant meetings with different clients? Use this Zoom background to show your colleagues that you are out of this world.

With this Zoom background, you can transport yourself to outer space, where you can float among the stars.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

47. In a Bar

47. in a bar

Are you feeling thirsty after work? Then this is the perfect background for you. With this Zoom background, you can transport yourself to a bar where you can relax with a cold drink. 

You may also use this background to make a secret bar plan among your selected colleagues. 

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

48. The War Zone

48. the war zone

Are you and your co-workers having a hard time at work? Then devise a strategy to leverage this background in a group setting to demonstrate your toughness and fearlessness.

You can use this to collectively transport yourself into a warzone and fight through anything that comes your way.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

49. The Road Trip 


If you want to have some fun with your friends or family, try this Zoom background prank. Set your Zoom background to a picture of a long road trip.  

Then, when everyone is in the meeting, act like you’re driving. Honk the horn, make car noises, and anything else that makes it seem like you’re on a road trip.  

This one will surely get a few laughs from your friends and family.

Download Link (Source: Pixabay)

50. The Ceiling Cat Is Watching You Meme

50. the ceiling cat is watching you

This funny Zoom background features a photoshopped image of Ceiling Cat, the popular meme character, peeking down at you from above. It’s sure to get a laugh out of your colleagues.

Download Link (Source: Elephant Art)

51. PUBG Helmet

51. pubg

Whether you want to be the last one standing in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or simply make your co-workers laugh, this PUBG Helmet Zoom background is perfect for you. It features the iconic “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” message with a humorous twist.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick one of these funny Zoom backgrounds and be the star of your next meeting.

Download Link (Source: Unsplash)

52. The Ghost

52. ghost

This is the perfect background for anyone who loves a good scare! Seeing you attend the meeting beside this spooky ghost will scare your fellow Zoomers at the beginning, but after they realize the truth, there will be a lot of laughs.

Download Link ( Source: Unsplash)

Final Words

Zoom backdrops are an excellent way to inject humor and fun into your online presence. Whether you’re just chatting with friends or giving a presentation to a large group, Zoom backgrounds will help keep your calls lively and entertaining.

So, here we’ve collected over 50 funny Zoom backgrounds that you can use in your next meeting. 

Which one did you like the most? 

Also, have you tried any of the other funny Zoom backgrounds? 

We’d love to hear how they worked for you. Let us know in the comments below!  

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends—after all, who doesn’t love a good laugh.

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